Did you get a high water bill?



Listed below are a few things you need to do before requesting a meter test.


-Check the meter reading

Compare the reading on the meter to the current reading on the billing card. 

(For a Manual Read Meter be sure to add the stationary zero (0) at the end of the numbers.  For a Digital Read Meter eliminate the last two numbers after the decimal- these do not show on the bill card)

If there is a discrepancy in the reading, please call the office immediately to have a meter reader come out and re-read the meter, your bill will be adjusted accordingly if the meter was misread. If we re-read the meter and the reading is correct, there may be a $20.00 charge.


-Check to see if the dial on the meter is spinning

Before checking the meter, make sure everything is shut off

(washing machine, dish washer, ect…)


A spinning leak indicator on a manual read meter or numbers changing on a digital meter indicates water is going through the meter.


A continuous spin shows that there is a leak, such as a broken water line.


When the dial spins, stops, spins, this is generally a float leak

(toilet, swamp cooler, floats system for watering animals)


-You have a leak!!!

Once you determine you have a leak, you need to isolate the house from the property by shutting the water off going to the house.


Meter stopped spinning? The leak is either inside or under the house.


Meter still spinning? The leak is in the yard. Look for wet ground or green grass


-Do you have a drip system or automatic watering system?

Do you know how much water your plants are getting?

Read your meter before your systems turns on and again after it shuts off to determine how much water is being used.


-No leaks, No drip/automatic watering system problems!!!

If you are certain you don’t have a leak and the water was not left running, you can call the office to request a meter test.

There may be a $30.00 charge if the meter is correct.